Classes & Workshops

DigiPen uses the Zero Engine in a variety of courses to teach students of game development at various levels of knowledge. Not all classes/programs which use Zero are listed here, only those whose curriculum is developed to teach zero as well.

GAM 100

The Zero Engine is used heavily throughout the GAM100 course at the Freshman level.

Project 101

The Zero Engine is used for supplementary lectures in Project 101 at the Freshman level. The lecture materials can be found here.

ProjectFUN Workshops

The Zero Engine is used throughout some ProjectFUN Workshops. Provided is information pertaining to select workshops, categorized by year.

2016 Video Game Development Level 1 - 2016 Teacher’s Guide
2015 Video Game Development Level 1 - 2015 Teacher’s Guide
2014 Introduction to 2D Video Game Programming Teacher’s Guide

As the Zero Engine is an actively developing software, different builds, or versions, come out regularly. Each year a stable build is selected for use with the ProjectFUN curriculum. Due to the changes in the builds lessons are updated for accuracy and with our commitment to improving our workshops, lessons also evolve as we further refine the curriculum.